Submit Job Positions Online - posting a job vacancy is easy!

Since 2004, the Wisconsin Hospital Association has offered as a member service, the WHA Job Bulletin. The WHA Job Bulletin provides WHA member hospitals a venue where they can post job vacancies. Job vacancies are submitted online by using a Web-based tool that can be found at or click "Submit a Job Online" from the home page of the website. Once jobs are submitted, they are reviewed by WHA staff (usually within one day) and then become live on the website.

Positions are posted for one month only -- at the end of that time, they must be resubmitted. If a position is filled and needs to be removed before the end of the posting time, contact Tammy Hribar at

For your reference, postings in the WHA Job Bulletin are:

  • Available to WHA members only, for positions that are directly employed by the member's hospital or health system
  • Updated daily on the web--positions are posted for one month only, unless they are resubmitted
  • Free

The benefits of posting a position in the WHA Job Bulletin:

  • Offered as a no-cost benefit of membership
  • It is another strategy for addressing workforce issues
  • Position announcements are publicized on the WHA website. This familiar tool is widely accessed by large numbers of people interested in health care issues in Wisconsin.

If you have questions about the web-based submission tool, contact Tammy Hribar at