Wisconsin Health Care Ranks Third Highest in Nation


Madison (October 11, 2014) ------ Wisconsin is the third highest rated state in the country based on the quality of its health care according to the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Wisconsin had the third best overall health care quality measure score among all 50 states based on more than 150 measures that AHRQ used to evaluate health care performance. Wisconsin has consistently placed at or near the top of AHRQ’s ranking since 2005.

AHRQ measures health care quality in three different contexts: by types of care (such as preventive, acute, or chronic care), by settings of care (such as hospitals, nursing homes, home health or hospice), and care by clinical area (such as care for patients with cancer or respiratory diseases).

WHA Chief Quality Officer Kelly Court said the high ranking could well be a reflection of the benefit of Wisconsin’s highly-integrated health care system.

“The AHRQ rankings pull many different segments of the delivery system together to develop an overall rating. In a state like ours that has a highly- integrated health delivery system, care is more coordinated and therefore, improvements can take hold much more quickly and be sustained over time, “according to Court. “Our hospitals and health care systems are highly collaborative, too—they share what they learn with each other and with other providers in the community. We still have work to do, but it’s rewarding when we can stand back and see how much progress we have made on our journey.”

AHRQ's State Snapshots Web tool was launched in 2005. It is an application that helps State health leaders, researchers, consumers, and others understand the status of health care quality in individual States, including each State's strengths and weaknesses.


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