WHA Statement on Federal Budget Deal

Attribute to WHA President Steve Brenton

"The Wisconsin Hospital Association expresses deep displeasure with the news that lead budget negotiators have proposed what will be yet another cut to hospital and physician payments in order to fund the operations of the federal government. While WHA can appreciate that this agreement may bring some measure of stability to what otherwise has been Congressional gridlock, we are disappointed that "stability" continues to be paid for through reduced hospital and other provider payments."

"In this instance, negotiators have extended a two percent Medicare provider cut for two years. WHA estimates the cut will result in a two year loss of $200 million to Wisconsin hospitals and health systems. Yet, keep in mind this is only the most recent cut hospitals have seen over the past few years to fund other government programs or priorities. Nationally, hospitals have taken hundreds of billions of dollars in payment reductions to Medicare reimbursements, with Wisconsin’s high value hospitals and health systems seeing close to $4 billion of those total cuts."

"It is ironic that Congress continues to cut hospital payments for federal programs that already pay less than the cost of providing that care. Enough is enough. While Wisconsin hospitals are national leaders in having high value and high quality health care, decisions like these do us no favors in our ability to continue on with that quest."  


Staff Contact:

Mary Kay Grasmick

Vice President, Communications




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