WHA Hails Bipartisan Passage of Hospital Regulatory Reform Bill

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MADISON (February 18, 2014) ---- The Wisconsin Hospital Association today praised the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate for passing SB 560, which will update Wisconsin’s decades-old hospital regulations with new, more efficient standards that more accurately reflect the modern hospital environment. Notably, SB 560 passed with strong support from both Republicans and Democrats.

The bill reforms the State’s hospital regulations by streamlining state rules with existing federal rules. For years, hospitals have had to abide by duplicative state and federal rules that are confusing and inefficient to administer and implement. This legislation will clarify hospital regulations in Wisconsin by making the federal Medicare Conditions of Participation the baseline for state regulations.

Hospitals across the state are applauding the bill’s passage, according to Wisconsin Hospital Association Executive Vice President Eric Borgerding.  

"Wisconsin’s hospital regulations have been in desperate need of modernization to more accurately reflect the advancements in health care delivery. The current state rules have not been significantly updated since 1988,” Borgerding said. “Wisconsin health care leaders are committed to improving quality and patient outcomes. Compliance with regulatory standards is an important and significant commitment of hospital resources. Current and regularly updated regulatory standards are an important part of ensuring quality care."

WHA commended the Legislature for its united action on the bill.

“We are very pleased with the bipartisan vote this bill received in the Assembly and Senate and commend the authors, Sen. Vukmir and Rep. Marklein, for their leadership,” Borgerding said.

The bill now moves to Governor Scott Walker’s desk for his signature.



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