WHA Praises Governor for Signing Mental Health Care Coordination Bill

Mary Kay Grasmick, 608-274-1820, 575-7516


MADISON (April 8, 2014) ---- The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) praised Governor Scott Walker for signing AB 453 – the Mental Health Care Coordination Bill – a bill that removes statutory obstacles to providing integrated and coordinated care to individuals with mental illness. This legislation was a key component of recommendations developed by WHA’s own Behavioral Health Task Force to improve the outcomes and efficiency of Wisconsin’s mental health care system.

“While the views and treatment of mental illness have evolved, our laws have not kept pace with that change. WHA is very pleased to see the Governor’s signature of the bi-partisan Mental Health Care Coordination Bill,” said WHA Executive Vice President Eric Borgerding. “This bill removes barriers to care coordination for individuals with mental illness that do not exist for physical illnesses.”

Another WHA-supported mental health reform, Assembly Bill 456, was also signed into law today by the Governor. This bill will help Wisconsin better understand the availability and accessibility of county-provided mental health services.

"Wisconsin’s behavioral health care system is facing serious challenges. Identifying problems and finding solutions to help remove barriers to a more modern, accessible, integrated and consistent mental health system is a priority that WHA shares with the Governor and the Legislature,” according to Borgerding. "We want to thank Governor Walker and members of both the Assembly and Senate who supported these and other important reforms that will help improve outcomes for individuals with mental illness."