WHA Sponsors Wisconsin Eye Candidate Interviews

WisEye Election Coverage 2014 features hundreds of interviews, full election coverage

Mary Kay Grasmick, 608-274-1820, 575-7516

Madison (July 14, 2014) -- Wisconsin’s primary elections are only a month away—August 12—with the general election taking place November 4. To help educate the public on the hundreds of candidates running for office statewide, WisconsinEye, our state’s version of C-SPAN, is conducting interviews with every candidate running for office this election cycle. To help support this important public service of WisconsinEye, the Wisconsin Hospital Association is sponsoring WisconsinEye’s 2014 candidate interviews.

"Over the next several months, you will hear candidates share their views on many important issues, including health care. I encourage you to listen carefully and participate in those discussions," WHA Executive Vice President Eric Borgerding says in a taped introduction featured in WisEye’s Campaign 2014 coverage. "For over 90 years, WHA has been an advocate for sound health care policy, and that is why today we are proud to sponsor WisconsinEye’s candidate interviews and election coverage."

The WisconsinEye interviews include statewide races, Congressional races and state legislative races, with new candidate interviews added on a near-daily basis. WisconsinEye is a statewide, non-partisan, non-profit, independent television network devoted to covering state government and civic activities throughout Wisconsin.

Learn more and watch the candidate interviews by logging onto WisconsinEye’s "Campaign 2014" portal at: