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WHA Information Center PricePoint System

This website ( allows health care consumers to receive basic, facility-specific information about services and charges.       PricePoint

WHA Information Center is dedicated to collecting and disseminating complete, accurate and timely data about charges and services provided by Wisconsin hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

There are three ways to use PricePoint.

  • A basic query for general users – The basic query allows users to check charges and service information for about 80 types of hospitalizations, representing about 75 percent of inpatient admissions; 19 types of outpatient surgeries representing 60 percent of outpatient surgery visits, and 24 types of emergency room/urgent care visits.
  • A comprehensive query for health data analysts and others familiar with medical terminology and coding – The comprehensive query offers users the ability to obtain information about all types of inpatient hospital stays in Wisconsin, including those accessible through the basic query.
  • The Top 75 Report – The Top 75 report provides median charges for the selected hospital for the 75 most common types of hospitalizations in Wisconsin (uncomplicated cases only) and the 75 most common types of outpatient surgeries in Wisconsin.

WHA Contact:

Jennifer Mueller

Vice President & Privacy Officer

WHA Information Center