Wisconsin Hospital Association Releases Statement on “Forward Agenda”

Attribute to WHA President and CEO
Eric Borgerding
September 7, 2016

“Wisconsin is nationally recognized for delivering high-quality, high-value health care. Working in partnership with WHA and the state’s hospitals and health systems, the Wisconsin Legislature has continued to enact policies that protect and promote this high level of care to Wisconsin residents.

We applaud elements of the Assembly Republican’s ‘Forward Agenda’ that focus on key challenges facing Wisconsin’s health care system, including addressing issues related to providing mental health care, better coordinating care in the Medicaid program, and the critical challenge of ensuring an adequate supply of health care professionals to meet the growing demand for medical services in multiple settings.

Good health care policy makes good politics, and WHA looks forward to continuing its partnership with all members of the Legislature to enact policies that strengthen and protect Wisconsin’s high-quality, high-value health care system. Over the past several years, this bipartisan approach to advocacy has benefitted Wisconsin’s patients by giving health care providers better care-delivery tools and improving access to care for all Wisconsin residents. We look forward to continuing our across-the-aisle partnerships into the next legislative session.”

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Link to the Forward Agenda:

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