CELEBRATING 100 YEARS: Harold Macomber Coon, M.D. Memorial Award

April 09, 2020

Established In 1969, the Coon Memorial Award recognizes excellence in hospital administration and leadership at the community and statewide levels. Through the years, this award has also been known as the Excellence in Health Care Management Award and is currently called the Distinguished Service Award. Though the name has changed through the years, the award continues to honor health care executives who have made exemplary commitments to WHA and the communities they serve. The original award consisted of a $100 gift to the recipient and an appropriate plaque. Today’s award recipients are awarded a $250 donation to the charity of their choice and presented with a special recognition award at a time that is convenient for the recipient and nominating organization.
The Harold Coon Memorial Award was established for Excellence in Hospital Administration. Dr. Coon, who at the time of his death on February 28, 1962, was the administrator of the Milwaukee County General Hospital, had served for 16 years, from 1941-57, as superintendent of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals. He served as president (chair of the board) of WHA in 1943 and 1944. He received the WHA Award of Merit in 1955 and the Tri-State Award of Merit in 1955.  Read Dr. Coon’s complete Bio.
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This story originally appeared in the April 09, 2020 edition of WHA Newsletter