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WHA Community Impact Infographic

Wisconsin Hospitals’ Statewide Community Impact Totals $1.7 Billion

 Hospitals report over $1 billion in Medicaid losses; Spent $177 million on physician education, training

Wisconsin hospitals spent $1.7 billion in 2015 to support programs and services that had a positive impact in the communities they serve. These activities ranged from providing free care for those unable to pay their bills, to sponsoring free clinics and health improvement activities, health education, free screenings and working with local partners on complex socioeconomic issues.


President's Column
Caution Ahead
 By Eric Borgerding, WHA President

The dust continues to settle from the election and most are still grasping the outcome and have yet to dig into the near and long-term policy and political implications. Indeed, in all the times one party has controlled both Congress and the Presidency, this instance might be one of the most complicated.

Having said that, and with much to play out over the coming weeks and months, here are some initial thoughts.

There is no doubt changes are coming to Obamacare, and changes were coming no matter who became President or which party controlled Congress. There was growing, bipartisan consensus that certain elements, particularly the exchanges, were in need of repair prior to the election. 

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Wisconsin is 7th Best State in CMS Quality Incentive Program

85% of WI hospitals will receive bonus in VBP program in 2017

Wisconsin ranked seventh best in the country in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Program. The VBP program rates hospitals on 20 measures including mortality, hospital-acquired infections, complications and patient satisfaction. Hospital ratings are based on comparisons to national benchmarks and year-to-year improvement.

The VBP payment adjustments in Wisconsin, for federal fiscal year 2017, range from a 4 percent bonus to a 0.65 percent penalty. The average bonus is 0.7 percent.

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Wisconsin Hospitals are Committed to Quality and Transparency

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Fast Facts
By the Numbers:

General med-surg hospitals:  129
Critical access hospitals:58
LT acute care hospitals: 6
Psychiatric hospitals: 10
Inpatient days (2014): 2,600,153
Outpatient days (2014): 18,211,447

 Wisconsin hospitals employ more than 100,000 people and generate nearly
$30 billion in economic activity.


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This Week's Priorities

Self Funding: The state Dept. of ETF shared its perspectives on the current State Group Health Insurance Program and the advantages/disadvantages of moving to a self-funded model. (Read more)

HOPD: The U.S. House released a 1,000 page bill dubbed the "21st Century Cures" package. (Read more)


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