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Advocacy Day 2017

Guest Column: Doc to Doc--Welcome to the
WHA Physician Quality Academy

 By Robert S. Redwood, MD, MPH Emergency and Preventive Medicine Physician, Divine Savior Healthcare, Inc., Portage; and Physician Improvement Advisor, Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA)

The WHA Physician Quality Academy is a two-day quality curriculum for physicians with an interest in quality improvement. The academy is co-led by physicians and quality professionals and is geared toward all levels of physician quality engagement, from the general workforce, to medical director, physician champion, or director of quality.

As physicians, I truly feel that it is part of our professional duty to engage in quality improvement activities. In academia, we dedicate our careers to compiling the evidence needed to improve outcomes and create new frontiers in medical science. In clinical care, we spend each day at the bedside, tirelessly delivering quality care to individual patients, effecting real change on the lives of others.


President's Column: For Wisconsin, Critical Decisions Coming on Medicaid
 By Eric Borgerding, WHA President

Eric Borgerding

It seems we will soon see action on the Obamacare front, and as previously noted, nowhere will the debate be more contentious or concerning as in Medicaid.

There are two issues in play—base funding amounts for states and spending limits. They are intertwined, absolutely must be considered together, and in the end cannot penalize states like Wisconsin that did indeed expand Medicaid, but not as prescribed by Washington.

First, creating spending caps in Medicaid does not somehow diminish the need for this safety net program, nor does it diminish the need for care in our hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics.  (Read more...)

Jacobson Appoints Subcommittee on ACA

As Congress and the President move toward repealing and replacing the ACA, WHA Board Chair Cathy Jacobson, president/CEO, Froedtert Health, has appointed a special WHA Board Subcommittee on Health Care Reform. The Subcommittee will assist WHA in staying well informed and responsive to developments in both Washington and Madison.

In appointing the Subcommittee, Jacobson recognized that several Wisconsin federal and state elected leaders will play a key role in developing the details of an ACA replacement plan.

“WHA has been a leader for our industry, and this Subcommittee will help us navigate the path forward in working with our elected officials on behalf of our organizations, communities and patients,” she said.

(Read more)

Wisconsin Hospitals are Committed to Quality and Transparency

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Fast Facts
By the Numbers:

General med-surg hospitals:  129
Critical access hospitals:58
LT acute care hospitals: 6
Psychiatric hospitals: 10
Inpatient days (2014): 2,600,153
Outpatient days (2014): 18,211,447

 Wisconsin hospitals employ more than 100,000 people and generate nearly
$30 billion in economic activity.


This Week's Priorities

Opioid Abuse: Several bills were introduced as part of the special session of the state Legislature called by Gov. Scott Walker to address opioid abuse. (Read more)

Advocacy: Assemble your hospital contingent for WHA Advocacy Day 2017 on April 19. (Read more)

Emergency Prep: WHA will host a webinar on the new CMS regulations on emergency preparedness. (Read more)


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