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WHA Shares Transparency Message with More than 2,000 Employers
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As employers consider their various options for providing health insurance to their employees, they are also interested in sharing information that will help their workers become better informed health care consumers. (Read more)

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New Legislator Profile

Rep. Mandy Wright

Mandy Wright

A series of interviews with newly-elected legislators, by Mary Kay Grasmick

Wright: Fair Reimbursement in Worker's Comp, Medicaid Help Ensure Patient Access

Access to health care is an important issue to Rep. Mandy Wright. It is one of the reasons she does not support the provider fee schedule that was proposed last session by the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council.

"We have a successful worker’s compensation system in Wisconsin," Wright said. "I feel strongly that if providers are not adequately compensated, there will come a time that could threaten access for patients." (Read more)

High-quality, high-value health care is a hallmark in Wisconsin. Hospital systems are improving quality, increasing efficiency and delivering value to employers and residents in their communities. Hospitals have been working with WHA in a focused initiative to improve quality.

Collaboration Among Health Care Providers Key in Reducing Readmissions  Partners for Patients logo

Reducing hospital readmissions is one of the toughest projects for hospitals to tackle. It also presents the largest opportunity to drive down health care costs. Hospitals know going into their work, however, that preventing a readmission is not entirely in their control. That is why Wisconsin hospitals began to form, and often lead, county-wide coalitions. (Read more)

Wisconsin Hospitals are Committed to Quality and Transparency

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This Week's Priorities

Legal Advocacy: A three-judge panel of WI’s District IV Court of Appeals unanimously upheld the constitutionality of WI’s $250,000 cap on damages recoverable against state employees.(Read more)

Physicians: U.S. patients are likely to face growing challenges in access to care if shifting patterns in medical practice configurations and physician workforce trends continue.(Read more)

Health Law: WHA will continue its complimentary webinar series October 2... (Read more)


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