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Wisconsin Hospitals Continue to Improve Quality, Reduce Infections, Increase Value

 Quality efforts aim to reduce readmissions, infections, falls

Wisconsin hospitals continue to make significant progress to improve the quality of patient care by lowering some infection rates by nearly 60 percent and reducing hospital readmission rates according to a new report released March 2 by the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA).

“Wisconsin is consistently among the best states in the country in patient care quality rankings, and that serves to inspire us to do better and to sustain the progress we have already made,” according to WHA Chief Quality Officer Kelly Court. “We are on the right road, but we still have a way to go to ensure every patient receives the best care possible every time.”  Read more...


The Valued Voice

March 24, 2017

Late breaking news: Following publication of The Valued Voice today, WHA learned House Republican leaders canceled today’s planned vote on the American Health Care Act (H.R. 1628), legislation to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). According to the American Hospital Association, the prospects of future congressional action addressing the ACA are uncertain at this time.

The Valued Voice -- pdf (3/24/17)

The Valued Voice -- html (3/24/17)

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President's Column: Obamacare Debate Brings High Stakes for Wisconsin
 By Eric Borgerding, WHA President

Eric Borgerding

It seems we may soon see action on the ACA, and nowhere will debate be more contentious or high stakes as in Medicaid where two huge issues are in play—funding for states and spending limits. They are intertwined, must be considered together, and in the end cannot penalize states like Wisconsin that did indeed expand Medicaid, though not as prescribed by Washington.

First, creating spending caps in Medicaid does not diminish the need for this safety net program, nor does it lessen the need for care in our hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics. Demand for Medicaid is driven by social and economic factors that are often beyond the control of an individual, a state or a health system. And there are components of Medicaid, including coverage for the elderly and disabled, that will continue to be expensive and that in an inflexibly capped expenditure environment will crowd out other in-need populations.   (Read more...)

Commonwealth Ranks Wisconsin Health System Performance 11th Best in Nation

A newly released scorecard by the Commonwealth Fund ranked Wisconsin the 11th best state in the country based on health system performance, with several communities here ranking in the top quintile nationally.

The Scorecard ranks every state and the District of Columbia across five broad areas: health care access, prevention and treatment, avoidable hospital use and cost, healthy lives and equity. Wisconsin ranked in the top or second quartile in 35 of the 44 measures that were used in the ranking.

Using the most recent data available, the Scorecard also ranked 306 regional health care markets known as "hospital referral regions" on four main dimensions of performance encompassing 36 measures. There are five measures of hospital care and a mix that includes nursing home, ambulatory and population health.     (Read more)

Wisconsin Hospitals are Committed to Quality and Transparency

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Fast Facts
By the Numbers:

General med-surg hospitals:  129
Critical access hospitals:58
LT acute care hospitals: 6
Psychiatric hospitals: 10
Inpatient days (2014): 2,600,153
Outpatient days (2014): 18,211,447

 Wisconsin hospitals employ more than 100,000 people and generate nearly
$30 billion in economic activity.


This Week's Priorities

ACA Repeal and Replace: The U.S. House delayed their vote on the AHCA bill... (Read more)

Physicians: Five new residency programs will launch July 1 and four others will expand. (Read more)

Advocacy Day: The legislative panel is confirmed for 2017 Advocacy Day. (Read more)

Dental Services: WHA testified before the Assembly Health Committee in favor of AB 146... (Read more)


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