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See performance, workforce, quality and other analytics in the Data and Publications section of WHA’s website. A variety of reports, publications and resources are readily available, as well as links to information from the WHA Information Center.

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What's Trending

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    Guide to Wisconsin Hospitals, Fiscal Year 2021

    The Guide to Wisconsin Hospitals provides detailed information about each hospital in Wisconsin. For each hospital, the publication provides selected measures of utilization, service, staffing and finance.

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    Wisconsin 2022 Health Care Workforce Report

    WHA’s 2022 Wisconsin Health Care Workforce Report shows that an aging workforce combined with a spike in worker departures associated with nationwide employment disruption dubbed the “Great Resignation” created unprecedented levels of vacancy rates in health care professions in 2021.

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    Your Community Health Needs Assessment Just Got Easier

    The WHA Information Center (WHAIC) provides actionable information to increase the efficiency and effectiveness with which Wisconsin hospitals provide care to their communities. And the latest WHAIC data resource—the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Mapping Tool—is no exception.