Employing AI to Solve Specific Tasks & Drive RCM

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are transforming the healthcare revenue cycle. In this webinar, Jeff Nieman, CEO, and Jason Petrasich, Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, will share strategies for leveraging AI and RPA solutions to solve revenue cycle challenges and accelerate cash in today’s environment. This webinar is being brought to you by valued WHA Corporate Member, Meduit.

This webinar will be recored and placed on the WHA On-demand Learning Center. 



WHA Information Center Data Tools for Everyday Use - 2021 Virtual Bag Lunch Webinar Series

Session 2: How has COVID-19 Impacted Your Facility: A year-over-year comparison

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our health care facilities, but you might wonder, by how much? This members-only webinar will assist users in understanding how to use the COVID-19 Impact Dashboard to compare and contrast, year over year data, related to 2019/2020 charges and volumes.

This webinar will be recorded and posted on the WHA On-demand Learning Center. 



Identity Theft Solutions

Your purse or wallet is missing…do you know what to do? Identity theft still remains a rising crime, prevalent across the world. Learn the methods perpetrators use to obtain your personal information, the measures necessary to protect yourself, and the actions to take if you find yourself a victim of identity theft.

This webinar will be recorded and placed on the WHA On-demand Learning Center.


Emerging Trends Reshaping Care Delivery In 2021

Across the U.S., COVID-19 has disrupted “normal” ways of living, working and interacting. The ways we perceive, use and deliver healthcare are no exception. Join us as Andrew Rebhan, Advisory Board Expert Partner, examines the pandemic’s impact on U.S. healthcare by looking at it through the lens of healthcare customers – namely, patients, physicians, IDNs and payers.

Within this framework, we’ll spotlight the key emerging trends worth watching in the short-to-medium term, what we refer to as a “COVID-mediated” world. Attendees will gain a greater appreciation for customers’ anxieties and challenges, as well as a window into their risk mitigation strategies and adaptations. We’ll close with some thoughts about potential business implications and customer engagement.

This webinar is bring brought to you by AHA and WHA Corporate Member, EUA. Registration and questions will be addressed through AHA and EUA.


Strategies to move the vaccine acceptance needle

Join this interactive webinar to learn some strategies and best practices that fellow Wisconsin hospitals have employed to encourage staff and their communities to take the COVID-19 vaccine.


2021 Wisconsin Rural Health Conference

The 2021 Wisconsin Rural Health Conference will focus on the coping and resiliency skills of healthcare staff, public policy issues affecting rural populations and how uncovering our unconscious biases can help in providing  better patient experiences and outcomes. 

This virtual conference will be presented on professional learning platform, LeaderPass. 


AP Automation for the modern hospital – Webinar Series

Part 2: Today's Trends

Accounts Payable is now busier than ever and AP leaders are eager to improve operation efficiency and effectiveness. Paying vendors electronically frees staff from the drudgery of manual check processing, allowing them to focus more of their time on higher-value activities such as data analysis and supplier management. Join our informative webinar to learn how epayments make AP more efficient.  This webinar is being brought to you by valued WHA Corporate Member, Paymerang.

Webinar will be recorded and placed on the WHA On-demand Learning Center.





2021 Physician Leadership Development Conference: On-demand and Part 2

Physician leaders must represent both clinical and management interests. Those new to the role are often challenged to move beyond their clinical expertise as they are asked to problem solve, lead their clinical colleagues, and manage needed change in a rapidly evolving health care environment.