Memorial Medical Center, Ashland, 2020 Community Benefit

Memorial Medical Center Provides Free Respiratory Fit Testing for Local Agencies

Memorial Medical Center (MMC), Ashland has a Respiratory Protection Program in place for staff and community organizations. This standard hospital program includes High Efficiency Particular Aerator (HEPA) mask education, Power Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) education, and N-95 mask fit testing. Fit testing and mask safety training is necessary for anyone who is in a situation where there may be airborne diseases or other harmful airborne particles present, for instance pharmacists need to have this training for masking while they are mixing certain treatment formulas. During the mask fit training, a trained instructor spends 15 to 20 minutes with each individual to go through processes to place, remove, and test masks to make sure they are used properly and fit the person correctly. 
Last March when COVID-19 cases began presenting in Northwestern Wisconsin, businesses and organizations were suddenly in need of more face masks and other personal protective equipment, like the rest of the nation. Dentists, oral surgeons and county services offices were trying to keep their employees up to date with their mask fit testing as well. Businesses wanted to make sure everyone was able to continue working safely while recognizing the potential threat of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.
Local businesses reached out to MMC with questions about masks, acquiring fit testing supplies, and how to get fit testing performed for their staff. Initially in early 2020, agencies had come to the hospital campus for fit testing, but with visitor restrictions in place, MMC decided to start a volunteer fit testing outreach service to accommodate businesses in the community. The hospital cardiopulmonary department director along with assistance from other hospital staff spent hours of their personal free time to help protect our fellow essential businesses and their customers. 
Fit testing instructor Rob Jones says, “We wanted to help the people of our community be able to safely work in any environment where COVID-19 might potentially exist. This is just one of the tangible ways we are trying to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our area.”
As of September 2020, MMC had provided courtesy fit testing for more than seven organizations in their community. Requests for fit training are still being processed, and MMC will continue to provide this important service to the Chequamegon Bay region as long as is needed during COVID-19 pandemic.