Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, Wauwatosa, 2022 Community Benefits

Everyone is Welcome at the Lighthouse on Dewey

As a behavioral health hospital, Aurora Psychiatric Hospital frequently meets its patients for the first time when they feel they are at the lowest point in their lives. But that’s why they are there, to help lift people out of those low points and start them on the road to recovery. Every step of the way they are encouraging them, helping them with their struggles and celebrating their successes.

The Lighthouse on Dewey is a stand-alone facility dedicated to addressing the physical, spiritual, and emotional effects of drug and alcohol addiction to build the foundation for life-long recovery. The Lighthouse on Dewey continues to serve as a non-clinical meeting space seven days a week to accommodate support groups serving individuals and their families through the journey to maintain sobriety.

In 2021, Lighthouse on Dewey hosted 44 support groups accommodating an average of 610 individuals weekly, resulting in 58 hours of facility use by community groups each week. Those groups represent many organizations including Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, ALANON, Couples in Recovery, Family Dynamics, Parents of Addicted Children, Veterans groups, and more.

Regardless of how one has found the Lighthouse on Dewey or why they are there, they are always welcome.