2023 Quality Report

Hospital Quality Improvement Projects - Ascension SE WI Hospital – Elmbrook Campus, Brookfield

Age Friendly Mobility and Deconditioning Risk: The Breakfast Movement

Focus on Mobility: The Breakfast Movement is a collaboration between nurses and physical and occupational therapists to assist every able patient with orders for early mobility to get up in the chair for breakfast. The evidenced-based Age Friendly Healthcare 4Ms, which include What Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility were implemented to improve outcomes of older patients during these morning activity opportunities. Why? Immobility can cause 30-60% of older adults to lose their functional ability during a hospital stay. At one year, 30% of these same older adults will not have regained their ability. To assure success in this program is adequate staffing in the morning hours, appropriate supplies stocked the night before by evening staff, and the decision on what to monitor and promote with the patients. The goal is to reduce the prevalence of deconditioning related to immobility in the hospital, so that patients that came from their own home can return home safely.