Burnett Medical Center, Grantsburg, 2020 Community Benefit

Continuing Care Despite COVID Challenges

Burnett Medical Center's Social Services Department is showing that "We are here for YOU!"
Burnett Medical Center (BMC) is a 501(c)(3) critical access hospital and is the only hospital located in Burnett County, WI. BMC is comprised of 17 inpatient beds, a rural health clinic, and a 50-bed long-term care center. Since the pandemic, BMC has been doing everything it can to overcome these unprecedented challenges with the resources it has.
The inpatient unit is being proactive and preparing to accommodate any active COVID patients by installing three more negative-pressure rooms. These specialized rooms prevent cross-contamination from room to room to keep other patients safe. This is one way to care for both COVID and non-COVID patients in a secure manner.
BMC’s rural health clinic has added telehealth clinic appointments. With a Telehealth visit, patients can meet with a provider on their smart phone or other device while staying safe at home. This new service offers a safer alternative to receiving care, so patients do not need to wait until their symptoms/conditions worsen to be seen by a provider. 
Furthermore, in the long-term care center, not allowing visitors to visit the residents has greatly affected their quality of life; however, we have adjusted to bring loved ones together. By purchasing laptops and tablets, this has allowed residents to visit with their friends and family members via virtual platforms. Window and patio visits are other ways BMC has been able to connect family members successfully while still abiding by the state’s social distancing guidelines.